GIVEAWAY: Happy 5th Anniversary @The Beauty Junkee!

I've only started blogging again this year (despite making this site last year).  But, this is the first time that I've blogged about things that I haven't thought of writing: beauty items and cosmetics. To begin with, I'm really not that interested in those things unless I needed it for cosplay. Still, I guess there will always be a time in a girl's heart that eventually, they will fall to the magical world of make-up. Now, I'm getting more and more addicted to the point of wanting to try almost everything. But, one thing that I've learned in this field is that one shouldn't go on buying everything that she sees. I'm scared that I might buy the wrong make for me, I'm an oily-faced girl and I don't want to go out looking like an oiled frying pan just because I bought the wrong make for my face.

So before buying anything, I started reading other beauty bloggers. Seriously. They are very, VERY helpful.

And one of those bloggers that I've religiously started following and reading is Ms.Martha Sta.Barbara, also famously known around the net as The Beauty Junkee or TBJ. I'm seriously lucky to have found her site because for people like me who's just beginning in this endeavor, all of her post are reeeally helpful!

Now, she's celebrating her blog's 5th Anniversary with lots of surprises. Want to know more? Do check her blog by clicking this image link below:

This is the very first time that I decided to join a blogger's giveaway. Have you guys even seen her prizes? She's giving away 12 beauty bags of awesome goodness with brands ranging from Maybelline, to K-Palette, Revlon, Snoe, Fairydrops, Bobbi Brown, Canmake, Mary Kay and The Body Shop. And those are just a few brands. I'm serioulsy after the Canmake loot bags since I'm getting addicted with all of Canmake's items. <3

Don't just join her giveaway, follow her guys! :D 

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