Lessons from the past.

2015. A fresh start. A new beginning. But for most people, it's just another 'new' year. Another year to write down a (new) set of resolutions that most are unsure of even doing. Let's be honest, were we even able to do all of our listed plans from last year? Or the year before that? I gotta admit to myself, I've already stopped writing those for years since I know in myself that I'm really not sure of doing it at all. Not because I've forgotten it, but because I didn't know how to do it without 'it' being a distraction or hindrance to my work or problems that I needed to solve back then.

And yes, I might even be just reasoning out to myself. 'You can't do this resolution yet because.' It's easy to list things down but it's actually harder to do in reality.


PHOTO DIARY: Two Months' Lost Memories.

I've been inactive for two months or more with this blog and I'm really sorry about that. I've already made some draft posts but was unable to complete them until this month. I guess I was just too stressed or busy to do my routine, things that I personally told myself to do, but neglected otherwise. But right now, I'm back and I decided to collate some of the photos that I took during these past two months of absence. So this post will be more of a photo diary.


RANDOM MUSINGS: A Shy Person's Shoot.

I'm a very shy person. I think I've said this before, probably even tons of times already. And believe me, it's really hard especially since I wanted to do a lot of things in my life and being shy isn't really helping. I'm still trying though. I mean, I sometimes volunteer doing things, which I don't normally do. Observing people and listening to talks or workshops really does wonders. Lately, I've also noticed how being into beauty and make-up has (slowly) helped me to step up and be more confident. I've been joining online contest that involves posting my face, against many other more pretty girls. Even if I know that deep down inside, there's really a low, low chance of winning, I'd still join it.



Last October 19, 2014, I was lucky enough to take part of BDJ's fair for this year called, "Live it up! Dance to the beat of your dreams!" held at SM Mall of Asia Music hall.


REVIEW: Canmake Smooth Clear Lotion

I've been an avid fan of Canmake ever since they became available locally. I've already tried some of their products and they've never let me down not even once. So I was really ecstatic when they released a new set of skincare this year.