On my history of Skincare and Make + Wonder Pore and Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder

I can't remember when I started to care about my face. Since high school till college, I've only used the common body bath soap to clean my face - no creams, no toners or what. I've tried an astringent though. When puberty struck, it hit me hard. I had tons of pimples growing on my face and I was so insecure about it. That's when my sister told me to use an astringent before I go to sleep. I followed her advice till I noticed that, yeah, the pimples did lessen, but it didn't leave my face. Up until now, I still have some of those pimples growing on my face whenever I'm really stressed or when my period is about to start.

Honestly, I only started using make-up when I was about to graduate college, and I only know how to use a pencil eyeliner, no foundations or blushes or lipsticks. Just a plain pencil eyeliner. As embarrassing as it may seem, I started to learn how to use make up more when my second ex suggested that I should wear it everyday to make myself more beautiful. Knowing me, I'm a pretty lazy person, and I thought that wearing make up every day would actually be a hassle for me, so I just did the easiest make up routine: eyeliner-face powder-lip gloss. There were  differences but it was a less hassle routine for me.

But well. Being a girl, I eventually needed to learn how to use make-up properly. And, using some make also means that I need to learn a better way to care for my face. So that's two things already: Make-up and Skincare.


Zambales Getaway 2014

So I started the year with a trip to the beach with my friends from AAP (Anime Alliance Philippines.) It was pretty much a sudden outing since they were planning to go to Baguio in the first place. But due to the lack of time, we ended up at Zambales instead. To be honest, this is actually my second time to go to this place. We stayed over my friend's resort called The Harvest Resort – to which we joked around on, since our friend Michael had mentioned before that the resort's name is The Harvest Moon. (For people who doesn't know, Harvest moon is a console game.)

The place hasn't change a bit since last year. It looked really scenic, and it was so quiet and the air was so fresh. It was really a perfect place for someone who's been under a lot of stress from work.