Of Colorful Palettes and Yuki.

A friend of mine once asked for a recommendable place to do a shoot for his doll. Being a meticulous person, he wanted a place that was fit for a princess. The first place that came to mind was none - other than this princess - themed cupcake place that I personally like.



April Make-up and Skincare Hauls.

For the past few months, I've been reading endless blog posts about make-up and skincare. Saw different products, others recommended by friends. I personally would have liked to try them all, but with a limited budget, I had to choose which ones to buy first and save the others for future purchases.

Yes, this is my April to early May haul. Mostly are just small sized or samplers, because I'd like to test products before getting a full size. I have an oily skin and  I do get breakouts easily so I had to be careful to pick items that will fit my skin type. Still, I guess one can say I'm an eager beaver when it comes to trying out things even though I'm a bit anxious about it.