FOOD: GO-EN: The Japanese Ramen Shoppe Plus!

If there's one thing that I love, it's to try out new places to eat! Who doesn't like eating in the first place? Being a curious beaver, I usually look around the net for places to try-out, read for reviews and know the usual budget needed.

We first discovered Go-en during a Japanese food festival at the Festival Mall in Alabang. They had a booth there that sells kendamas. You can either try it out first or buy one. The booth-keepers were even nice enough to teach us how to play! And then they told us about their place. Ever since then, we were itching to try their food out.

Luckily, this ramen place was very near my boyfriend's workplace. So just the other week, we decided to give it a try.


EVENT: BDJ Box's Tres Chic.

I'm pretty new to his particular...umm. thing? And though I've heard before that Beauty events do take place in this country, I haven't attended even a single one. Until now. I was actually torn at first - within that weekend, because there were two beauty workshops that was about to take place, The Shiseido International Beauty Fair at Megamall (which by the way, was held for 3 days) and BDJBox's Tres Chic event at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura. Both workshops were for free too.

Even though I was really tempted with the Shiseido event, I decided to choose Tres Chic instead, since they were having a lot of booths and different activities, seriously, very inviting. They also have five different (and very interesting) workshops. In order to be a part of those workshops, you have to email them. Sadly though, since I learned about this event just a few days before it began, my email didn't make it to the deadline. But then again, I still decided to go.


Make-up haul 03 / 07 / 14 (part 2.)

This is a continuation of my make-up haul blog post. Part 1 is posted here.

I'm not an eyebrow enthusiast, since I've got reeeally thin eyebrows. But, to achieve a better look, you need to fix your eyebrows. Since I'll only be needing a tester, I decided to get this retractable eyebrow pencil, Winmax by Daiso Japan. Bought for just 88php!


Make-up haul 03 / 07 / 14 (part 1.)

For the past few weeks, I've been reading a lot of beauty blogs on their reviews of different make-ups. As a person who's got a very oily face, and someone who doesn't like to spend too much on make-up that might end up getting wasted, I'd prefer to check all my resources first before buying anything that I will be putting on my face.

But, whatever others may say, experience still is the best lesson that can be learned. And one thing that I've learned so far, based on all the reviews that I've read, is that, regardless of whatever you've read online or the recommendations that you've gotten from other people, there will always be no assurance that what you're getting is the best for your face. Of course, make-up has always and will always be a risky business. Whatever you put on your face, on your body and on your skin is always a risky business. But, then again, with make-up, you can learn how to be creative and artistic in your own little way, with your face as your canvas for the whole world to see.

Now, I've decided to start my own journey with make-up and skincare. Like what I've mentioned in my previous post, I never really had a routine for my face up until a few years ago. I dropped by the mall just last week to do a bit of hunt for brands that I wanted to try.