New Site!

So I decided to make this new blog for my everyday updating lifestyle - not that I have any plans of actually doing so. But I will try to update this one as much as possible with the help of my new phone. 
I haven't been able to update my old one since I was too busy with work and sleep. yes, seriously, sleep. I wasn't getting enough sleep because of my work. Don't forget that I also don't have an internet connection in my apartment.

I decided to get a better phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 to be exact, a phone that can suit my net surfing needs and texting needs at the same time. And with this phone, I can post stuff on the go, really does suit my lifestyle indeed.

This site is still on a renovation stage, but despite that, I still will be posting some stuff. Try not to mind the fugly face of the owner of this site. And by the way, I'm not really a photographer, but there are certain times that I like to take pictures of random things.

Anyway, I will leave you now with this picture. tataaah~

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