Officially open!

Hello, hello! So I'm done with this site's new layout, and I also tweaked the sidebar a bit. I'll be adding an “about me” tab soon too. Starting this year, I'm going to make this place, more up-to-date. Do expect a little bit of everything on this blog, since I am a very random-minded person, I will be putting more than just my lifestyle. Hopefully, I can express myself more here.

Anyway, It's officially the first month of the new year, 2014. Time flies really fast, sometimes, its way too fast that you don't even notice the small things and fun things that you're missing out on. As for me, I think this year has been one heck of an event. I was able to do things that I barely did or have never even done from the past years. I bought things that I never thought of being able to buy. I tried new things too and learned things, both good and bad. I was able to learn a lot of lessons in life, accept things and eventually, I matured even more.

This year, I want to make more memories. Meet new friends, do more things, explore more places. Add more stuff to my collection of things. And I'll be using this blog to show my progress.

So guys, please do stay tuned! :3

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