On my history of Skincare and Make + Wonder Pore and Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder

I can't remember when I started to care about my face. Since high school till college, I've only used the common body bath soap to clean my face - no creams, no toners or what. I've tried an astringent though. When puberty struck, it hit me hard. I had tons of pimples growing on my face and I was so insecure about it. That's when my sister told me to use an astringent before I go to sleep. I followed her advice till I noticed that, yeah, the pimples did lessen, but it didn't leave my face. Up until now, I still have some of those pimples growing on my face whenever I'm really stressed or when my period is about to start.

Honestly, I only started using make-up when I was about to graduate college, and I only know how to use a pencil eyeliner, no foundations or blushes or lipsticks. Just a plain pencil eyeliner. As embarrassing as it may seem, I started to learn how to use make up more when my second ex suggested that I should wear it everyday to make myself more beautiful. Knowing me, I'm a pretty lazy person, and I thought that wearing make up every day would actually be a hassle for me, so I just did the easiest make up routine: eyeliner-face powder-lip gloss. There were  differences but it was a less hassle routine for me.

But well. Being a girl, I eventually needed to learn how to use make-up properly. And, using some make also means that I need to learn a better way to care for my face. So that's two things already: Make-up and Skincare.

So I decided to do a bit of research on how to care for your face and what's the best make-up for someone who's got an oily face like me. Based on what I've read so far, the best way to care for one's face is to drink plenty of water, have adequate rest and sleep aaaand eat a balanced diet. And so, I already failed the rest and sleep and balanced diet part due to my very unhealthy work life. But I do drink lots of water everyday. There's also those products that can help you achieve a much smoother face, like facial wash, mask, moisturizers, toners and such. Believe me, choosing which ones are the best for you is the hardest part. You have to consider the sensitivity of your skin, if you're oily or dry and if it doesn't cause any outbreaks.

As for me, I've decided to stick to the facial-toner-moisturizer routine. I also do a twice a week facial scrub. My favorite is St.Ives' Apricot Brightening Scrub. Works wonders, really, until I've heard of Cure Natural Aqua Gel, a Japanese exfoliating product. It's a really good item, if you'd ask me, you could actually see the dirt off your face in seconds. As for the brands that I use for my routine? Honestly, I'm still trying to experiment with which brands are the best for my face. I don't really have a sensitive skin, rather, I've got the most oiliest face you've ever seen. ><

As of the moment, I'm using Clean and Clear's Clear Fairness Cleanser. I've already tried a few other facial wash, but so far, this one is the best for me. I have plans though of trying out Etude's Happy Tea Time's Green Tea Facial Wash, since it specializes for oily faced people like me. As for the toner, I've already tried Nivea, Gluta Advance and Clean and Clear but I still want to try other toners since these brands didn't satisfy my needs. As for moisturizers, I've been using Olay's Natural White Day Cream for almost a year and it's an okay cream, but still not the perfect one. I've decided to try out Hada Labo Gyujkun Lotion for a month now but I think it only made me have more break outs, so I decided to go back to using Olay's cream.

 So. Just last week, I decided to try splurge a bit on my facial needs. This is a pretty rare sight since I usually don't do these kind of shopping on a monthly basis.

Etude's Wonder Pore Freshner and Canmake's Marshmallow Finish Powder.
I've heard of Etude's Wonder Pore line last year and got intrigued by it. But I didn't get the chance to try it out up until now. Just last week, I bought a 250ml bottle of Etude's Wonder Pore Freshner (it comes with a 250ml and 500ml size). I was suppose to buy the bigger one, but despite all the reviews that I've read, I'm still pretty scared if this is really worth my money.

 Etude's Wonder Pore Freshner

Like what is says, the Wonder Pore Freshner has a total pore solution of 7 in 1. Very intriguing indeed.

I really don't understand Korean, but based on the pictures in this box, you'd understand what they meant.

"I'm the Wonder Woman for your Pores."

So far, I've only used this once, but I can already see the effects. I can't wait to finish the whole bottle!

 Canmake Tokyo's Marshmallow Finish Powder

As for make-up, I still am on the hunt for the perfect brands for me. It's really hard and yeah, I know there's no such thing as the perfect type. But it's really hard to know which ones would make you look good or would just make you look like a colorful clown. So I'm carefully looking for products and reviews, I've also been asking my make-up expert friends on which ones that they could recommend. Right now, I've decided to try this out: Canmake Tokyo's Marshmallow Finish powder. I was able to find one at Glorietta 2, Somera. A friend of mine told me that she had saw this store selling some Canmake products so I decided to check it out, and I was lucky because they had the perfect shade for me, Matte Ochre (MO), and it was the last stock too! It also promises to have an SPF26 PA++ perfect for the sunny weather in my country.

It comes with a puff but based on the reviews that I've read, it's better to use a brush rather than a puff since there's a tendency of using too much unwanted powder. Now that's one thing that I have to figure out before using this product.

And look at just how fancy its design is. I'm not really used to having fancy-looking make-up, but, I guess it can't be helped, since most of the make that comes from Japan have fancy containers. Canmake, by the way, is a Japan-based drugstore type of make up that's currently trying out the Philippine market. I actually want to try some of their other products.

The one advice that I have for everyone? Research, Read and Experiment! It may be scary at times, since despite what it says, you don't really know what it's effect would be on your skin, but, at least you'll be able to test it out first. Also, if you're not sure, don't jump on the biggest bottle or container that the product has. Take advantage of trial packs or the smallest size that they have. It doesn't hurt to be careful since it's your skin that we're dealing with here.

Maybe next time, I'll do a review, who knows. 

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