Zambales Getaway 2014

So I started the year with a trip to the beach with my friends from AAP (Anime Alliance Philippines.) It was pretty much a sudden outing since they were planning to go to Baguio in the first place. But due to the lack of time, we ended up at Zambales instead. To be honest, this is actually my second time to go to this place. We stayed over my friend's resort called The Harvest Resort – to which we joked around on, since our friend Michael had mentioned before that the resort's name is The Harvest Moon. (For people who doesn't know, Harvest moon is a console game.)

The place hasn't change a bit since last year. It looked really scenic, and it was so quiet and the air was so fresh. It was really a perfect place for someone who's been under a lot of stress from work.

A shot of the beach during my first visit to Zambales

Shot taken just a few weeks ago.

Since my boyfriend and I wasn't able to make it to the meet up place at Quezon City by 3:00 PM, we decided to commute by taking the bus to Zambales via the Victory Liner in Cubao. Some would probably hate such a long ride, but for me and my boyfriend, we actually enjoyed it. It was a six (6) hour-long drive from Cubao to Iba, Zambales. During that time, we watched the movie that the Bus Conductor played - Mark Wahlberg's Lone Survivor. Besides that, we just talked about a lot of things until we reached our destination. 
At Iba, Zambales, We rode a non -airconditioned bus to Candelaria. I was seriously shivering during the whole one (1) hour bus drive. I was already wearing Khal's thick parka, but nonetheless, it can't beat the night's freezing air. After reaching Candelaria, we took a trycycle which drove thru this narrow and dark street to the resort. Unexpectedly, we arrived by 11:00 PM, 40 minutes ahead of our friends.

When everyone else arrived, we all, went to our respected rooms to fix our bags and stuff. While everyone else were resting from the long ride, Michael, his cousin Mike and the others decided to use the leftover fireworks from last year's New Year.

Too bad I wasn't able to take a shot of the fireworks fight that Michael and Cham did. It was like they were each holding a wand and doing a wand duel like in the movie Harry potter. :))

Toto, Meg and Cham while holding their share of Lusis.

The following day,  we all decided to drop by a nearby island called Potipot (or Patipot ). It's a 5 - 10 minute boat ride from the beach to this place, a white sand, virgin island (as they would like to call it) that doesn't have any electricity or cottages. One would need a tent if they intend to spend the night there.

The place was really serene, peaceful, the water was calm and the sun was shining brightly too!

We spent around two (2) hours walking around the island. I was actually trying to look for those small hermit crabs, since the first time that I was in this island, there was a lot hermit crabs running around and hiding.

The only catch in this place is the trash. The thing with people who spend the night in such places, they don't have the discipline to bring their garbage with them. They'd leave their trash in the island, like they own the whole place. :/ It's really a waste since this place would have been better being clean and all.

Last scenic view before we left - Pink Sunset

We spent the rest of the day relaxing. While the others slept, we played around the beach a bit before the day ends. We had to travel back to Manila by 8:00 - 9:00 PM. Our travel back to Manila was way faster, of course, with our leader and demonic driver Michael behind the wheel.
It was a one (1) day, two (2) night mini vacation. I'm really hoping for another repeat, I mean, I need vacations like this. Vacations spent with friends and loved ones and away from home and the city.

As for Zambales? It's always a -to go to place for me. The six (6) hour drive is worth it. I will never get tired of this place.

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