EVENT: BDJ Box's Tres Chic.

I'm pretty new to his particular...umm. thing? And though I've heard before that Beauty events do take place in this country, I haven't attended even a single one. Until now. I was actually torn at first - within that weekend, because there were two beauty workshops that was about to take place, The Shiseido International Beauty Fair at Megamall (which by the way, was held for 3 days) and BDJBox's Tres Chic event at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura. Both workshops were for free too.

Even though I was really tempted with the Shiseido event, I decided to choose Tres Chic instead, since they were having a lot of booths and different activities, seriously, very inviting. They also have five different (and very interesting) workshops. In order to be a part of those workshops, you have to email them. Sadly though, since I learned about this event just a few days before it began, my email didn't make it to the deadline. But then again, I still decided to go.

Upon arriving there, I was greeted with these pretty girls at the registration booth, gave me my pass and went inside. (My boyfriend was supportive enough to come with me, he even went inside the event even though he felt reaaally awkward about it, d'aaww). I actually didn't know what to do at first, the hall was already full of people and everyone looked really busy. AND don't forget that since this was my first beauty event, I was really confused and shy at the same time.

But, like every event, there's always a golden rule: Know where to go first.

I've long been planning to try out Canmake's BB Cream and blushes and since they were also at the Tres Chic event, I decided to drop by their booth first.

The Canmake Tokyo booth at the BDJ Box Tres Chic event.

Canmake goodies can be found and bought at their booth! <3

It was really tempting to buy a lot of stuff! I got their Perfect Serum BB Cream Light and Hyperslim Gel Eyeliner.

I was also kind of expecting that they would be releasing their skincare line during that time, sadly, it was just for display. But they did mentioned that it'll be out this coming April. I'm really excited to try these babies soon!

They were also promoting some of their products during the event, especially their High Cover Powders and Glow Fleur Cheek blushes.

Pretty, pretty, pretty Glow Fleur Cheeks!

After getting my items, they told me to register, like their page at Facebook, and get the chance to win items from them. I was lucky enough to win one of their blushes: Cheek & Cheek 07: Orange Bouquet! The exact shade that I wanted! <3

When I was looking around, they were having the workshop with Max Factor, who, at that time, gave their audience free samples of their newly released foundation. It sucks, kinda felt envious of those lucky people. >___<

I went around and checked the other booths. The Benefit Porefessional booth seemed closed or something. I kinda felt too shy to check their items, which I think, are inside these briefcases.

 Benefit the Porfessional booth

Though I've heard of this particular brand, I haven't read anything about their products. But what caught my attention was this cute vendo machine-like box from the Too Cool For School booth. When I decided to check this out, the lady in charge of the booth told me that I can give them 1 to 3 php and she can give me samples of either their pumpkin sleeping mask or their bb cream. Since I'm intrigued, I told them that I'd like a sample of both. I inserted my hand in the black rectangular part of this "vendo" and got my samples. Cute concept!

Cure Aqua Gel also had a booth in this event! I wasn't suppose to drop by since I already have been using this product since late last year, but, what the hey!

 So many bottles of Cure Aqua Gel!

For those who doesn't know, Cure Aqua Gel is a very effective and very safe face exfoliant that can also be used for other parts of the body. It can be bought at The Beauty Bar for 1,500php.

I was also suppose to drop by Revlon's booth but decided otherwise when I saw their very long line. >< Same goes for the Bifiesta booth. TT ___TT We left the event afterwards since I didn't know what else to do and decided to just hang around BGC.

For a first timer, one of the problems that I encountered was this: What to wear on such occasion? In all honesty, despite being biologically female, I'm not the most girly person out there. Aside from my hair being uncommonly colored, I have no florals nor pinks or whatever dresses that I could wear on this event. The only advice that I got from most people is this: Wear what you're most comfortable with, because it doesn't matter what others would think anyway. Best advice ever!

Anyway, I decided to just wear my knitted cross sweater and a skirt.

Knitted Cross Sweater from Clothes for the Goddess
Black skirt is from a Thrift store
Dark Red Ribbed socks from Taobao
Black and White Creepers from Petitezombie
Leather Choker and Thigh Harness from Dark~Sweet~Soul
Michiko London Round Bag from Ate Cris <3

All in all, beauty events aren't really that bad. I guess I just have to get used to these things if I'm planning to dwell more in the world of make-up and skincare. And maybe I should try to be a bit more assertive and carefree in the other upcoming events rather than feeling like an oddball.

Despite being there for a really short time, I enjoyed the event. It feels different when you're surrounded with these things. Kudos to BDJ Box and all the participating brands of the Tres Chic event!

Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream Light, Cheek to Cheek 07: Orange Bouquet, Hyperslim Gel Eyeliner, Samples from Cure Aqua Gel and Too Cool for School BB Cream and Pumpkin Sleeping Mask Samples.

I'll make some reviews of my hauls next time! Thanks for reading! :3


  1. I feel the same way during events! I never know what to wear. And wah you bought the orange bluuush, I have that also, selling for half the price haha sayang ;;

    1. Seeeee! I'm not alone! I feel kinda envious of the other girls who drops by those events and feel so at home > ~ <

      Haha, didn't actually bought the blush. I was planning to, but I won it instead at their booth :))

    2. Haha! I'm pretty okay with what I wear kaya lang most of the time (even at events with beauty bloggers) people are weirded out by how I wear my makeup.. since it's J-subculture inspired I can understand that people aren't used to it, but you know how it is xD Medyo off lang. We can go together, if there are events sa South! Although, if you're going with your bf it might be a bit awkward ;;

    3. If the event is on a weekday (afternoon plz D: ) we could. I know that it'll be pretty awkward if the boys are around ( plus I kinda pity him for staying at the shadows of the event, parang nag ssulk kasi di makarelate sa mga nangyayari. Does Aian feel that way too? D: )

      Maybe its because of the sudden hype of Japanese products in our country, some people are somehow trying to accept just how most J-cultures do their make. I hope I'm right D: pero chai, you dress up more feminine than I am, so you seem to fit more better at those events than me (or you seem kinda used to being at those events, maybe?) D|

    4. Oh, it depends kasi! If it's a beauty blogger event where I need to be sitting at a table or something, I usually just go alone while he goes to the arcade or something heh. If it's a bazaar type of event, I ask him to come with. It still depends though, so if I think he'll just get bored, I go alone. If hindi naman, he usually comes with me.. since he uses makeup as well, it's not a big deal, heh.

      I think so as well, pero it's different when you go into beauty blogger events. My makeup is pretty weird even for "weird" friends... since I wear my blush differently / add beauty marks or stuff like crosses and hearts when I feel like it LOL ;; I do dress pretty feminine but the little things stand out. Like, everyone at events usually have heels on, and I go in platform sneakers / creepers. But I've gotten used to it~ I still feel out of place sometimes though. I think it's more like, I'm just very thick-skinned? Ahaha.

      Ah, sorry if I take a while to reply, Blogspot doesn't have comment notifications so * ^ * (If you want, you can install Disqus..? It's quite useful for comments~)

    5. This was my first event so I had no choice but to go with him. But I just kinda felt sad because he must've felt awkward, but he still insisted to go because he knows that I'd feel weird inside the event. At least you and Aian are both into make up D:

      I guess when you're into the Japanese style of make up or fashion, its just hard not to stand out of a crowd, even if you don't want to stand out. ><

      ..disqus? D:

    6. Heh, the perks of having a bf who's into vkei, I guess lolol. True, no matter how ~toned down~ my makeup is I still get quite a few stares.. but I'm super used to it so I don't really notice anymore. I only do when someone points it out, haha ;;

      Yup, Disqus! Google it~ It's easier to use since you get notifications for comments, etc.

    7. Do you always use falsies too when you're at those events? D:

      kaay, got it, thanks!

    8. Nope, haha! Partial ones, only when I feel like it, cos I'm too lazy to put them on xD


Thanks for the comment! :3