Make-up haul 03 / 07 / 14 (part 2.)

This is a continuation of my make-up haul blog post. Part 1 is posted here.

I'm not an eyebrow enthusiast, since I've got reeeally thin eyebrows. But, to achieve a better look, you need to fix your eyebrows. Since I'll only be needing a tester, I decided to get this retractable eyebrow pencil, Winmax by Daiso Japan. Bought for just 88php!

The design kinda reminded me of Dolly Wink. ;;

I got the dark brown shade, mainly because it was the only shade available. I haven't tried this yet since I need to look for tutorials. So I'll be putting this aside for the moment.

And since I was at Daiso, I also decided to buy myself this eyelash curler in blue. :)

It comes with a spare black rubber pad.

I was having a debate of my own, weather I should get a Shiseido or a Shu Uemura one because of all the reviews that I've read, but like what I've said before, I'm still trying to practice with my make, I got a cheaper alternative.

I'm an awkward person when it comes to lipsticks. The only thing that I've applied on my lips are either a lip balm or a lip gloss, though I'd prefer the balm over the gloss more. A lot of people had already told me to try out wearing lipstick, the pinks and reds would suit me best, as what they'd say. So I decided to get one just to see if I'd change my mind about lipsticks.

It took me almost an hour to choose one though. I went to Etude and tested almost most of their lipsticks and tints. But I wasn't able to find one of my liking. I ended up with a lipstick from ELF.

ELF lipstick in Voodoo, a bit darker shade of red. I actually loved it the first time I tested it. Like I said, I'm not a lover of lipstick, but this is another exception. It can last for about a few hours, depending on the wearer. For me though, this usually last around 4-5 hours, unless I'm on the mood to lick my lips. It's a bad habit of mine, really. Also, I prefer to wear it using a lip brush since I can control the shade more than applying it directly.

One downside of this lipstick, is the container. Unfortunately, the part where the lipstick meets the container is a bit wobbly, so you have to be pretty careful when handling this one.

I've been wanting to get a brush ever since I bought my Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder. As per most reviews, powders are better used with a brush rather than the puff. Since the brush would spread the powder more evenly to your face.

But one thing that I didn't expect is that, the good types of brushes are all pretty expensive! And it's hard to practice all the brushes in the set at once. The first time I saw a set, I got confused instantly. That's way I decided to buy a few and practice one at a time.

For now, I bought ELF's Complexion brush for powders and blushes and the Angled Foundation Brush for liquid foundations, concealers, BB creams and such.

It comes with their individual plastic brush covers for everyday travel.

This is the first time that I've used brushes for my make so I can't say if these brushes are the best or not. The bristles are soft enough for me to spread my make-up evenly.

Since most of what I've been using are waterproof makes, mainly the eyeliner and mascara, I needed a make-up remover that can easily remove these waterproof products. I first tried using IN2IT's make-up remover cream. Since it's a cream-based type of remover, it moisturizes your face as it removes your make. Though, the downside is, it makes your face waaay too oily for your liking. And I've already got oily skin to begin with.

Maybelline Make up Remover Eye & Lip is one of the best ones out there. I've only used this once and I'm already liking it. This one was able to remove all the waterproof liners from my eyes cleanly and everything else on my face without the oily feels. This is a real must buy product!

And with every make-up set, there must be a corresponding everyday travel kit. I was able to get this cute little pouch at Daiso Japan for only 88php. Seriously cute little thing. <3

And before my post ends, let me show you guys some of the other makes that I personally use:

From left to right: Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara, ELF Eye primer, Elf Concealer stick, Maybelline Super Mineral 24 Liquid Foundation, Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder and H & M Lip Balm in Vanilla.

Now there you have it. My biggest make-up haul to date and my current make. I hope that soon I won't be too shy to show everyone how these items looked when applied on my face. I'm a shy person, see? ><

Thanks for reading! o/


  1. Ahhhhhhh I hate that liquid foundation. Hate hate hate. It's super dry on the face and doesn't look flaterring at all. I've used it on my face + other people's, I can't make it work at all. How is it for you though?

    Also!! If you want a cheap alternative for an eyelash curler, I heard Fanny Serrano's eyelash curlers are a pretty good dupe of the Shu Uemura ones! Only P175 too, I think! Also, good luck!! Makeup is super fun once you get the hang of it! And I'm always here if you need help, heheh * u *

    1. It's okay for me since I've got a really oily face, though I'm just not sure if this foundation is the reason why my face still ends up being too oily after a few hours >< I'm planning to try another foundation though I'm not sure which ones to try first.

      I'll try that soon, if this eyelash curler from Daiso would fail me. Haven't tried this one yet though D:

      I know, it's fun, just pretty expensive at some point, feels like I'm collecting toys but for my face D: Though I do enjoy reading reviews and beauty blogs lately, and reeeally hard to choose which makes to try first, that's just so many out there * O *

      Thanks in advance for the help :D

    2. I have a super oily face, but I'm not sure if my foundation would work for you! I use Revlon Colorstay, the type for Oily/Combination skin. I love it cos once it's on my skin it is there and it isn't coming off :)) Unless I remove with a makeup remover, that is! Only thing is coverage can be quite heavy.. heard applying it with a damp sponge works for sheerer coverage..? But I like the heavy coverage cos I have a lot of scars.

      You should try looking at this Youtube channel for help - gossmakeupartist. Helped me tons :3

    3. Hmm. It's also a liquid-type right? Imma try it next then. That's my main problem with my face and make-up anyway, oil. >< I'd prefer sheerer coverage, though I do need a more heavier one for cosplay purposes. D:

      Haven't tried looking for tutorials at Youtube yet, might do so next when I'm in the mood to play with my make-up, thanks Chai! :3


Thanks for the comment! :3