Adventures in BGC: The Mind Museum and a lot more!

I'm not the type to tell anyone of my birthday, though I do like considering March as my month. I've always preferred to celebrate on my own or at least buy myself things that I've always wanted to buy or go places that I've always wanted to go to or hang out. This year, I decided to celebrate my day by visiting The Mind Museum. It's considered as a first-class Interactive Science museum in the Philippines. Ever since it opened years ago, I've always wanted to go there but sadly, it's either I don't have the money or the time to do so. But last month (since it's already April right now) I told myself that I have to go there by March, whatever happens, my plan will push through!

And lucky me, it did!

After hanging out with our friend Dycee and her sister, Khal and I went straight to Taguig and looked for The Mind Museum building. Upon arriving, we bought tickets to the nearest time available, since this museum sells different types of tickets: Student or adult, 3-hour visit or a whole day type. We bought the 3-hour visit from 6pm to 9pm.

Since we arrived an hour earlier than the said time, we decided to look around for places near the museum. We stumbled upon this particular place that looked like a park,

In the middle of the park was a man-made steel tree art. Interesting piece! The place was peaceful, with a few people jogging or walking their pets.

Inside the Steel tree.

I also decided to play with my little mamegoma.

It's actually a good place to play with my toys. Will definitely go back here soon, already bookmarked the place.

By 6:00 pm, we entered the museum and were welcomed by Aedi, a taking robot that gives the visitors an idea of what's inside the place and what you can do.

We didn't have any tour guides inside (since I think they only use tour guest for field trips and other events) so we just explored the place by ourselves. There were no activities or shows during our visit either, which was actually kinda sad. But it was still cool. The building is quite spacious consisting of 2 floors. Each floor is divided into multiple areas with specific exhibits ranging from Atoms to the Universe to the Human Body and Technology. We decided to start with the first floor, interacting with each piece that we see. I was able to take only a few photos of the place.


They also conducted mini presentations with different topics at a specific time. Presentations usually last around 15-20mins tops. The second floor is a little arcade-like are for the kids and kids at heart. You can wait for your turn and freely play any of their games there. Khal and I personally enjoyed playing Air hockey, and then we derped around the different kinds of mirrors.

In a span of two hours, we were able to finish touring the museum. The Mind Museum actually isn't that huge, anyone can finish exploring the place in just a few hours, unless they're having an activity or special exhibits. 

The night was still young and we didn't want to go home yet, so we strolled around Bonifacio high street and came across a concert of some sort, probably a fund raiser or something. But it was actually a group of soldiers! They were playing different instruments, and singing! They were really good at it too. They also showcased their kits and gadgets. In the middle of High Street were tables and mats of equipments of different types of soldiers, from rangers to rescue teams to bomb squads. People can even try out their stuff! I tried one of the ranger's bags, it was heavy, almost as heavy as my bag whenever I carry Khal's laptop with me to Manila. Khal tried out some of their big guns. I was tempted to do the same but I was too shy of the crowd. I forgot to take photos of their concert but, I did take a few of their equipments.

What caught my attention the most is the bomb squad's booth. They were letting people take photos of their bomb-sniffing dogs, especially this really huge pooch.

He was so nice that people can actually pet him. But I did pity him a bit since the crowd kept on taking pictures of him with their camera flashes on. I don't think dogs like that. I also took a picture with sans my phone's flash. 

Isn't he just the sweetest? <3 I even hugged him before I left. And yes, I'm a sucker for dogs than for cats.

Before we went home, we had a snack at a small burger joint at The Strip and some ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery.

The crew at Cold Stone Creamery were fun to watch. And it's not just your ordinary ice cream scoop. First, they will let you choose what flavor and add-ons that you'd like. And then, they'll mix your ice cream, add-ons and cookie dough and ta-dah! It's actually pretty good, until you realize that it's a bit too sweet before you even finish your cup of mix-ins.

And that's how I ended my day. It started with friends and a date at the museum and a night stroll. It was a day with a lot of first too. I love trying out stuff, seeing new places, trying new food joints, seeing new things. I do hope that it'll happen again, with Khal, with friends or even with family. I loved that day a lot. 



  1. Looove your tights!! Mind Museum is a lot more fun when you're with's a little juvenile for teens and adults.

  2. Thanks! Bought it online :3

    I think so too, I'm kinda envious whenever I see their pictures with kids doing activities. Planning to go back here soon, hopefully, while they're having another event or activity. * U *

    Thanks for commenting! ♥


Thanks for the comment! :3