It's not everyday that you'll see local beauty brands lasting for years in this country. Since a lot of people still prefer buying foreign brands, I'm amazed as to how these local brands survive. (Thank god for beauty bloggers!). Take this one for example: Snoe Beauty Inc.

I've first known Snoe a few years ago after seeing their stall at Robinson's Galleria. Initially, I thought they were just another brand from a different country until a friend of mine mentioned that they were actually made by a Filipina. Sadly though, during that time, I wasn't much into make-up and decided to just buy their Hard Candy lip color Strawberry Shake, mainly because I found it cute. It was a set of 3 different colored lipsticks that can be bought as a key chain. It was also being sold at an affordable price!

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They started out with just a few stalls from around the metro. I was seeing them more often than before. No, they can't be found inside department stores. They're more of an independent brand, see? Few years later, when I started reading about beauty products, I stumbled upon this product again. I was surprised that after years, probably 2 to 3, they're still here and very active with more products for everyone! I read reviews on their items from other bloggers who tried their items. I was indeed very curious and wanted to try some of it myself. I gotta admit, what caught my attention most was their Hair Heroes product line. Being a person who had been dyeing her hair for years, I need a product that I can use to bring life back to my colored tresses.

Coincidentally, just last week, me and my friend Val dropped by SM Las Pinas Center to look for a place to eat when we saw a Snoe store. It wasn't just a stall, but a whole store to themselves! I excitedly told my friend that we should check the place out.

 Some of Snoe's bestsellers can be seen at their store front.

Snoe is also known for their unique product designs. So unique that you'd instantly think they weren't made from this country. My friend thought they were another Korean brand like Etude or Tony Moly. They have products ranging from make-up to perfumes to hair and skincare, even scrubs! Product prices range from 139php to 1400php.

Upon entering their store, you will initially see a table of make-up goodies and brushes.

Hair Heroes! Their famous Hair Care line products dedicated for all hair types and needs.

They also have sunblocks, tanning lotions and oils!

Awesome Poresome is a product line for people having problems with oil and huge pores.

They have a testing corner where you can try some of their products. The SA offered to test one of their best selling sunblock on me: Here Comes the Sun Block Instant White Concealer with SPF 45. I loved the scent and how it didn't feel sticky and greasy like most sunblocks. It also gives you an instant whitening effect without looking too awkward (just be sure to spread it evenly on your skin, of course). And whats surprising is that, it contains Singkamas (Bengkoang)!

Snoe is also a retailer of Pixy ,an Indonesian brand and Eyes of Horus, an Australian brand which specializes in eye make-up. They also sell Cream Factory products in their store!

A little message from Snoe. :3

As for me, I bought a bottle of their Awesome Poresome Pore Perfecting Serum and Hair Heroes Intense UV & Thermal Barrier Shield .I will be make a separate review of these two products after a week or so. I've only started using these since Saturday after all. There are still a lot of their products that I wanted to try, including their Here Comes The Sunblock SPF45 Instant White Concealer, Body Scrubs, and Soaps to name a few.

All in all, Snoe isn't really just a local brand. It's a specially formulated brand, uniquely made for everyone's needs with a creative packaging, enticing scent but for a very affordable price. Despite being underrated, they are still trying their best to be at par with most international brands. They already have a name in the market, but I do think they just need more advertisements for the rest to know that they exist. Proudly Pinoy indeed! Kudos to the owners and makers of Snoe Beauty inc.!

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