Last October 19, 2014, I was lucky enough to take part of BDJ's fair for this year called, "Live it up! Dance to the beat of your dreams!" held at SM Mall of Asia Music hall.

We arrived around 2:40 pm, just a few minutes before my first talk started. So I just took a quick peek around the hall to see what's happening. It was literally like a fair. There were many booths of different things: a food booth, beauty booths, techie booths, hair care booths, body care booths, a tarot card reading booth and other activity booths. I would've tried the wall climbing activity if only I wasn't wearing a skirt. And also, everybody were surprised to see the event marshals suddenly dancing to the beat of a specific tune!

The great thing about being able to preregister were the loot bags that you will get from the event. I always love getting a bag full of goodies from all these BDJ events since I get to try a lot products from different brands all the time.

My first talk was "Create Your Own #beautiful story with Tricia Gosingtian for Ponds."I've always known Tricia a a photographer, a traveler, fashion icon and a blogger. I barely saw her talk in front of a crowd and that's actually what she admitted at the beginning of the talk. She wasn't used to it and I could actually feel her awkwardness. But while she was discussing her life in front of us, how she attained her current role, I can't help but listen in wonder. She really was just a simple girl who had worked hard for what she wanted. I can't even believe all the Magazine covers that she did. She never did brag about it at all. I mean, who would've known she was the photographer of the front cover of a famous local fashion magazine, right?

With Ms.Tricia Gosingtian.

If you want something really badly, you work hard for it. Do your best to attain it. That's what I learned from the talk. And I was really inspired. While I was listening , a lot of things were already running in my mind. I have a lot of things that I wanted to do and she made me believe that yes, I could do all of these things as long as I believe in myself. Strive hard, work hard, give it your best shot.

I wasn't able to attend my second talk for the day because I wasn't feeling that well and my talk was suppose to start round 7:00 PM. So my boyfriend and I decided to go home instead. But not before taking a photo of my outfit for that day.


Yes, I do admit that everything that I'm wearing from these photos are all from various thrift stores, save for the shoes and accessories. I bought my vest from an online shop and the top, skirt (which was actually an H&M skirt, very lucky find) and socks from a thrift store near my boyfriend's house. Maybe I should post about thrift stores soon.

Also, I barely wear skirts nowadays, especially bandage skirts. I've always preferred wearing shorts all the time since its easier to move around. And I like pleated skirts more too. But maybe I should try wearing other variations for a change. I need to experiment with my clothes more often, or probably whenever I'm in the mood for it.

Anyway, thanks for reading! :3

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