RANDOM MUSINGS: A Shy Person's Shoot.

I'm a very shy person. I think I've said this before, probably even tons of times already. And believe me, it's really hard especially since I wanted to do a lot of things in my life and being shy isn't really helping. I'm still trying though. I mean, I sometimes volunteer doing things, which I don't normally do. Observing people and listening to talks or workshops really does wonders. Lately, I've also noticed how being into beauty and make-up has (slowly) helped me to step up and be more confident. I've been joining online contest that involves posting my face, against many other more pretty girls. Even if I know that deep down inside, there's really a low, low chance of winning, I'd still join it.

One more thing that I've been learning to do is how to pose properly for shoots. I don't know how to pose even if my life depended on it. I just usually...stand there and smile. Sometimes, my friends would tell me how to poses before taking my photo. It's really embarrassing, to be honest. But I needed to learn, somehow.

Halfway through the year, I wanted to join a certain cosmetic brand's contest. I saw that most of the girls that had already joined really looked cute or pretty or just all dolled up. So I thought, maybe I should try it too, if I really wanted to join said contest.

So I tried my best to looked more dolled up and girly. Tried.

And I gotta admit that my boyfriend helped me a lot in boosting my confidence. So we picked a lot where we can do the shoot. I was dead embarrassed, seriously. Thank God there weren't that much people during the time that we were there.

Here are best shots so far from the shoot that we had. We took advantage of the outdoor lighting. Nothing beats natural lighting, of course.

That's about it. It's not really the best shoot I had but it's a good way to learn things: like how to pose more appropriately. I need to be more natural rather than stiff. As well as my facial expressions. I need to not just 'smile'.

But well, like they say, you're your own critic and learn from experience.


  1. Anonymous12/28/2014

    I always always enjoy shooting you kaya! > v<) though of course I have my own, erm, setbacks sa side ko (even when I giddily share with you my ideas), I always and will always enjoy collaborating with you. You know naman na ye'r one of my hugest inspiration right?


    1. @Jiandra No no! You're so good kaya DD: I mean, looking at how you do shoots with other people din as well as your products, ang ganda e * A * Let's collaborate more, yes? * U *


Thanks for the comment! :3