Lessons from the past.

2015. A fresh start. A new beginning. But for most people, it's just another 'new' year. Another year to write down a (new) set of resolutions that most are unsure of even doing. Let's be honest, were we even able to do all of our listed plans from last year? Or the year before that? I gotta admit to myself, I've already stopped writing those for years since I know in myself that I'm really not sure of doing it at all. Not because I've forgotten it, but because I didn't know how to do it without 'it' being a distraction or hindrance to my work or problems that I needed to solve back then.

And yes, I might even be just reasoning out to myself. 'You can't do this resolution yet because.' It's easy to list things down but it's actually harder to do in reality.

I'd rather just state things that I've learned from the year that had passed, so that I'd have an idea of how to face new trials and challenges this year.

Achieving goals isn't a child's play. I've learned time and again, that some things can't be achieved quickly. You need time and hell lot of patience for it. Plus, you need to face whatever is ahead of you.

I personally have my own fair share of problems that I need to face, including myself. I lack confidence and self-esteem, to a point that it can make me feel down. And those are some of the things that I'm currently facing everyday. It's hard really. There are times that I'd compare myself to a lot of other pretty girls out there, which puts me to my first lesson:

 Just be yourself.

No matter how cliche it sounds, it's the truth. And it's achievable. Initially, I've no idea how to do it but I did. I would always make it a point that I'd wear clothes that I'm comfortable in and expresses my inner self. Sometimes, I'd even wear colored contacts, dark lipsticks and make-up. I also had my hair dyed for years now (2-3 years at most) not because I wanted the attention that I always get from it, but because it makes me! And it's really great that I have very supportive friends and loved ones. I might seem weird to most people because of what they see physically, but for me, I'm me. It's what makes me feel complacent and confident. Of course, don't forget to still follow dress codes when needed (a.k.a. work or school, etc). You can still express yourself in your own little way without having to break those rules.

Now, just because you wanted so much to express yourself, does not mean that you have to buy all those expensive things that you want to wear. There are better alternatives to everything, especially if you don't have the greens for it. Either that, or just go and

Save, save, save!

When we were kids, one of the things that our parents had thought us is that we should always save up for another day. It's pretty much like that. Since we can't always depend on other people all the time whenever we want something of monetary value, the most that we can do to get what we want is to save our own money. And this doesn't just apply to what we want right now, but also what we want in the future. Want those pair of Dr.Martens boots? Save for it. Want that latest Iphone6? Save for it. Want to travel around the world? Save for it.

I know it might be easy to say but hard to do, but it's still really attainable. I've known a lot of people who had to budget their earnings or allowances just so they can buy everything that they want or go to any place that they want using their own money. Yes, the keyword is to save. But of course, you need to know what you really want so that you won't just waste that hard earned cash. So the best thing to do is to

Plan ahead. 

or just know how to budget or list things that you know that you really need. When I was still renting my own place, one thing that I've learned is to list down all my necessities for a month, including my bills, groceries and other important things. I'd always do this so I'd know if I have enough money to pay for the things that I collect or spare for those sudden outings or road trips or most important of all, if I have enough money just in case an emergency at home happens. You can't really tell. Also, since I'm a collector of many different things, I also have a list of what I want to buy. But if I do see something that I want, I would think about it first.

Is it worth it? Will I be able to get it at a lower price at another time? Do I really want it that bad? Do I have enough money for it?

For some, I might sound like an old woman but in reality, I'm just being practical. It's really heart breaking if you'd see some thing that you want but can't have due to the lack of money. But don't worry, because eventually and in due time, you'd still have the chance to own it if you really want it that bad. I've got some experiences that proves this and a lot of people are really amazed by it. One other thing that can help you in saving and budgeting is

Learn how to utilize everything that you have.

During those times that I had some financial difficulties, I had a hard time keeping up with my collection as well as my everyday needs. I've also been trying out a lot of make-up and skincare products early last year. And mind you, these products aren't really that cheap. So with all of this, what I did was to look for alternatives. We tried to look for second hand stores that sell some of the things that I collect at a much lower price. As for those beauty products, what I usually do was to attend beauty fairs and workshops, since most of the time, they'd provide you loot bag of goodies that you can try for yourself. As for other things, I try to utilize my own sources, trying to be resourceful the best way I can so I can save up my money on other important things. Lastly,

Appreciate the small things.

Because usually, the small things are the ones that will leave a mark. As you grow, you'd learn a lot of things in life that you can't learn by textbooks or school. You'd learn them by experience and you'd try and try until you've achieved your goals. And then you'd remember the small things. Those things that had helped you along the way.

I remember the time when we wanted to go on a movie date but we didn't have enough funds. My partner and I would drop by a grocery to buy a bag of fries that we can cook at home, find some good movies to watch and then we're good. Because really, you don't have to spend a lot of money just so you could enjoy each others company (well, unless you really have money for it or you have a very choosey partner). And besides, there are a lot of things that you can do without having to spend much.

I know that most of the things that I said are really cliche, but there are a lot of stereotypical things that you never know you'd eventually learn and apply late. And it's better to use those things that you've learn to help you make a better start in your life. Indeed, it is a new year, and rather than just sit there and list those things that you'd eventually forget, why not list long term goals that can help you have a better and more happier life. Face reality head-on.

Cheers guys! It's 2015, Let's make more memories!

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