PHOTO DIARY: Two Months' Lost Memories.

I've been inactive for two months or more with this blog and I'm really sorry about that. I've already made some draft posts but was unable to complete them until this month. I guess I was just too stressed or busy to do my routine, things that I personally told myself to do, but neglected otherwise. But right now, I'm back and I decided to collate some of the photos that I took during these past two months of absence. So this post will be more of a photo diary.

So what exactly happened? I got a new job, met new friends, had new adventures, did new stuff. It was all through out, something different, not the usual. It wasn't that hard to adapt to. It's just that, and yes I do admit it, the stress of personal things that caught me off guard. I'm a thinker. you see. But sometimes, not in a good way. I over think to the point that I would get mad at others or even to myself. The worse that had happened from being stressed from everything and over thinking at the same time was I became a very sickly lass. It was either I would lose my voice or have body pains. Worse case scenario was I'd have fever or flu along with it. And this happened for almost two months. Thank God my boyfriend was always there to take care of me. I felt really weak and I hated it. I hate the fact that I can barely move or do things. I just had to lie down and rest and rest till I got well. I was able to adapt but sadly, my body couldn't.

I did my best to try to go back to normal. I just had to recuperate. I don't wanna get stuck being all weak and sickly. One of the things that helped me while I was recovering were my friends. Yes, despite not being able to accept everyone's invitation of going out, sleeping over or what, they were still there, giving me words of encouragements and 'get well soon.' And even if it sounds too cliche, still, thank you so much.

Well, that's pretty much it. For those who doesn't know, yes, I collect stuffed toys (or plushies, as others would call it) as well as figures. I also love love socks. As you've noticed, I'm always wearing a pair of socks (or stockings) for all of my outfits. I'm really not used to not wearing one. And yes, I've already re-dyed my hair to blue and purple again (I'll have a separate post for that one).

Anyway, thanks for the quick read! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

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