Make-up haul 03 / 07 / 14 (part 1.)

For the past few weeks, I've been reading a lot of beauty blogs on their reviews of different make-ups. As a person who's got a very oily face, and someone who doesn't like to spend too much on make-up that might end up getting wasted, I'd prefer to check all my resources first before buying anything that I will be putting on my face.

But, whatever others may say, experience still is the best lesson that can be learned. And one thing that I've learned so far, based on all the reviews that I've read, is that, regardless of whatever you've read online or the recommendations that you've gotten from other people, there will always be no assurance that what you're getting is the best for your face. Of course, make-up has always and will always be a risky business. Whatever you put on your face, on your body and on your skin is always a risky business. But, then again, with make-up, you can learn how to be creative and artistic in your own little way, with your face as your canvas for the whole world to see.

Now, I've decided to start my own journey with make-up and skincare. Like what I've mentioned in my previous post, I never really had a routine for my face up until a few years ago. I dropped by the mall just last week to do a bit of hunt for brands that I wanted to try.

Let's start with the pore primer. As what the Saleslady at Etude House had mentioned, Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer is one of their bestsellers. It can help minimize your pores (hence the name) and make your face look more even. Coincidentally, it's also part of their Wonder Pore line - I'm currently using their Wonder Pore Freshner right after ever wash, and I'm absolutely loving it!

I've already used this item twice, and this is what I can tell you: It's true that it can make your pores appear smaller than the usual and it can also make your face look even or feel more smoother. I can't assure if it can help your make-up last for a whole day (since I haven't worn my make-up for a whole after buying this), but for half a day, yes, it did. But, it didn't help to lessen the oil on my face.

I needed to practice applying eyeshadow, and I don't think getting an expensive palette set is a good idea. So I decided to just get a basic set. I didn't expect to get this particular set though.

The E.L.F. Beauty Book is a 48 – Everyday Eyeshadow Color Palette is actually a steal. For less than 400php, who would've thought you could get so many colors, right?

It's also very handy, you can fold it in the middle and carry it everyday. It also comes with a mirror and a little eyeshadow double ended brush.

I haven't used any of these eye shadows yet so I can't tell if they're sheer or glittery or if they can last. But it is very worth it if you just want to use it for practice.

Like the pore primer, I wasn't really suppose to buy this but this particular blush from Etude House caught my eye. Etude seriously has their own ways of making people buy their items, the cuteness is pretty uncanny, reminds me of Canmake or Majolica Majorca but with a more pop and color.


Etude House's Water Color Blusher is a pretty catchy item, I mean, a blush? In a small tube that can be mistaken as an acrylic tube? Size is pretty small though, but it's perfect for traveling. There are three colors available at the store: No.1 Strawberry Pink, No.3 Apricot and No.4 Lilac. I chose Apricot out of the three other colors, since it's not too pink nor too orange-y, and I find the color perfect for summer.

The cap can be sealed enough that the blush gel wouldn't come off and spill on your things. Also, since I can't read Korean, I had to look for other people who had reviewed about this. As what they had mentioned, this is actually a gel type of blush, not cream like what I had initially thought. (For a better reference, check out Zyro's review of this item here)

 Aaah, squeezed out too much. ><

It actually feels light and creamy, and spreads easily and evenly to your skin. It also looks pretty natural too. I'm not a lover of blushes, only have 1 more mineral powder blush that I bought from Avon, and I've only used it twice. But this one is an exception, I actually am liking it a lot. And it seems like the type that I could wear everyday (that is, if I do wear make-up everyday, to which I don't.)

The downside of this product is that, you can't control the amount of blush that you can squeeze out from the tube, so you really should be careful in using it and it can only last for hours. Though besides those reasons, I'd still buy this blush.

I'm a huge fan of eyeliner, particularly, the liquid-type. I've been using In2it and even tried Shawill. They're actually good brands, even for me, as long as I use an eye primer before applying it. I haven't tried using any pen-types or gel-types of eyeliners, so this is actually a first. I wanted to try out Dolly Wink first, since it's really recommended by most of my friends. I already had a set bought from Taiwan at Sasa, but since it'll arrive late this summer, I decided to try out another brand. I was initially planning to try out In2it's gel liners but I stumbled first in front of the Majolica Majorca.

Majolica Majorca's Linehunter caught my eye. It's actually one of their newest items. And I was lucky enough to get it for a 100php less. For the whole month of March, they're slashes off a hundred for any items worth 400php and up. 

"Fulfills All Your Wishes!"


I tested it out myself. With one stroke, you can see the thinnest line and with a few more strokes, you can make a more thicker line. The Linehunter is also sweat and sebum proof, and contains essence to treat the eye area. I actually like it a lot. I prefer liners that can make thinner lines or strokes. I'll try to compare this the Dolly Wink liner soon.

I love liquid liners the same way I love pencil liners. I prefer using pen for the lower part of my eyes since for me, it's easier to control rather than a liquid-type. That's why I consider having one as an essential part of my make.

For the past few year, Nichido is one of the few brands that I first discovered on my own. The very first eyeliner that I've ever used is from Nichido. I like their pencils a lot, until I've tried In2it. Now though, I've went back and tried their Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx. This is one of their products that made me deeply disappointed. It didn't last that long and smudged after a few hours. I've no plans of using this one ever again. :/

 I'll be making a part two of this post for the lipstick, eyebrow pencil, brushes and others since this is getting way too long. See you in a few. :3

Thanks for reading!

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