EVENT: TCFS Second Workshop with the Dinosaurs!

I've never been a part of any beauty workshops. I've always wondered how to be a part of those. So I did my best to look after any brand's events and newsletter, especially my favorite ones.

A few weeks ago, I saw Too Cool For School's ad regarding their second make-up workshop. They were going to introduce some of their newest products there. So, I instantly messaged them, chose my preferred time (they were offering four different schedules) and registered.

And I was lucky enough to be chosen to partake in this event called the Cool Girl's Make-up Workshop!
It took place at Sm Mall of Asia at their (really cute) Dinoplatz Pop-up Store near the Ice Skating Ring. It might sound exaggerated but, I arrived and went straight to their booth an hour earlier than my schedule. I felt really excited about it since it was going to be my very first beauty workshop.

What caught my attention upon arriving at their booth was this pop-up stands of their Dinoplatz dinosaurs. It was really cute and catchy, even those who doesn't know their products including kids can't help but take pictures with these adorable creatures.

By 5:00 PM, TCFS's make-up artist, Raymond, introduced himself to us (there were just 5 of us). He picked one of us to be his model and explained that he was going to do an everyday make-up look. He also said that the best way to apply anything on you face is by using your own fingers, so be sure to clean and sanitize your hands before anything else. He started by removing the model's make-up using a Takkoza Cleansing Tissue, a water based type which removes any kind of make-up and tones the skin with just a swipe!

Upon finishing, he applied Sunday Block, a type of cream that moisturizes and also acts as a sun block and make-up base in one. It has a 50+++ SPF, which can help in protecting the skin and slow down the process of aging.

After prepping the skin, he took a tube of their latest product called The Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream. It's a Color Corrector that's very light on the skin and has SPF 30PA++. It comes in just one shade but with three different multi-ball variants namely: A Concealer, a Cheek blush and a Highlighter. It's very handy and comes with a very cute design!

He also dabbed a Blending BB Cream on the model's face before applying a bit of concealer for the under eyes. This BB Cream gives a dewy look, preferred by most Koreans.

He took a pencil liner, applied it on the model's lids before proceeding to apply some eyeshadow and blush. He used one of their best selling mascara called the Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara. It's notable for its customizable bristle length with just a twist of a handle.

And lastly, the lippie and Ta Da! Here's the finished look of the model. The workshop ended within an hour. They also gave us our certificates and samples of their new CC cream (Yay!).

Shelve-full of their items including their new Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream.

After the workshop, I decided to look around their booth a bit more. I contemplated if I should get the Sunday Block (which I later regretted not buying), since that's what caught my attention the most after the CC Cream. But I ended up getting their Egg Mousse Pack, another best seller of their brand. I was suppose to get one when I first visited their store, but it was already sold out. Luckily during that day, I was able to get one.

"Here you go littol dino!"

Their SAs encouraged us to take a picture with the dinosaurs, since there was an ongoing contest for their Pop-up booth. So I had a photo taken (by my boyfriend). I'm not really that good when it comes to poses, so I decided to just make a simple yet cute one: Feeding the dinosaur! I also joined their online contest which just ended yesterday and luckily, I won! (Thank you TCPS PH!)

Here's my haul from the event together with the certificate, freebies and my own purchases.

My very first Too Cool For School's Cool Girl's Make-up Workshop! Cool! :3

Samples of their newest CC Cinema, a Mcgirly set, a pore minimizing serum, a cleansing cream (?) and their Jean George Llong sunblock. Yay!

Of course, I couldn't leave their store without buying anything (since I have some cash to spare). I've been longing to try that Egg Mousse Pack. Finally was able to buy one. Their manager also recommended their Glam Rock Abracadabra Mask and lastly a refill of their Dinoplatz blotting paper.

Dinoplatz is my most favorite of all their series. I love the concept of dinosaurs roaming around the city, so cuute! I hope they'd make stuff toys of these dinosaurs soon. <3

It was a fun experience. It's my first workshop after all. I'd definitely want to attend another workshop with them if given the chance to do so.

And of course, I'm not limiting myself to just them. I'd love to attend all the beauty workshops and seminars that I could, if my schedule would permit it. I'm a sucker for learning new things, regardless if its a technique, a new product or a new routine.

Got any recommendations for a beauty workshop? It'll be a pleasure to attend such an event. <3

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