REVIEW: Ellana's Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub

I never thought that lip scrubs existed until I saw one online via a blogger's post. And in all honesty, the only types of scrub that I know are those facial and body scrubs. But I love scrubs! Seriously! And I've been wanting to try those lip scrubs out ever since. Sadly, the only brand that I know sells them in big jars.

I was in luck when I saw Ellana's Lip Scrub which was just posted on their Facebook page during that time. After some research, I instantly dropped by one of their stalls located at Cinderella, Alabang Town Center and bought a pot!

Ellana's Lip Scrub comes only in one variant which is Strawberry Vanilla. I love anything strawberry and vanilla scented or flavored. So I was really happy when this one came in both. The sweet scent makes you wanna eat the whole thing!

What's really to like about this product is how simple yet effective it is. With sugar as the main component, you can be very sure that what you're applying to your lips is as natural as it can get. With just a bit of scrub, you can already exfoliate without damaging your lips.The results? Softer and smoother looking lips!

I use this whenever I get the chance to do so, or at least twice or thrice a week. My lips can get pretty chappy and flaky at times so this one really helps me a lot. And the size is just perfect - it's not too much nor is it too less. Don't ever let the small packaging fool you. The 10g size is more than enough for a month or so usage. Also, because it is small, it's perfectly light and handy!

Instruction for use: Just rub a small amount onto your lips in a circular motion and wipe it off with a tissue.

One little trick that I can share though is this: try to look for little spoon or spatula, that comes with some of the chocolate cups for kids or a small popsicle stick can also suffice. You can use this as your applicator, and with this, you can control the amount of scrub that you can get from the pot without having to directly get it. In this case, it can be more hygienic.

All the other needed information of the product are already indicated below the pot, including the instructions and ingredients.

One last thing that I love about this product is how it wanted it's user to re-use the little box and even the little pot! Not only does it show how natural it can be, it's also very Eco-friendly! That's Ellana for you!

Want to give this little pot of sweetness a try? Ellana's Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub can be bought either through their official site or via their branches around the metro. For more information, you can check their site at

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  1. Does it lighten the Lips? and I love your review <3 made me wantto buy the actual product!

    1. I don't think so? I haven't noticed my lips lightening up but it's made it much more smoother and softer. Thanks! Glad you liked my review! T u T <3


Thanks for the comment! :3