RANDOM MUSINGS: That Ackward Little Monster.

I'm a very shy person. I always get fidgety or anxious when I'm doing something a bit out of the ordinary like doing poses or hanging out with a new crowd. I have a tendency to cower or hide behind people too.

Why hello there manry legs of mine.

And somehow, that's one trait that is just too hard to change for me. I'm really trying, but it just feels like I'm hitting my head with a rock. I gotta admit that social media helped me boost my confidence a bit in more ways than one.

Expressing one's self in different ways always help. One of the few ways that I do so is thru my hair and clothing. It's not that I want to be the center of attention. Actually, I hate too much attention. I just want to wear what I want and what I'm comfortable in. But it's just a bit different than the norms of this country.  I also gotta admit that I do like how the Japanese people do their unique sense of fashion. They wear what they feel like or what they're comfortable in, and they'd flaunt it without caring about the world. I guess that's my inspiration ever since. Good thing my family and my boyfriend supports me a hundred percent!

Stripes Knitted Sweater from Xandra <3
Black Stripe Socks from Muji
Black Stripe and Zipper Creepers from Taobao
Leather Choker and Spiky hair Clip from Dark~Sweet~Soul
(And yes, I'm wearing a pair of shorts, but it's just not visible from this angle, he he)

Anyway, just a few weeks ago, before they change the current titles, we decided to watch the new Godzilla movie (in 2D) on the big screen. I haven't watched all the other Godzilla movies yet, but I've been reading their plots online. And despite what some people has said, I actually liked this new Monster movie. Others might find it dragging, but I think the timing is just perfect. You can't expect a movie to just be concentrated on one character, right? This one not only gave us the monster's perspective, but also inserted a person's point of view and what they would have done in such a situation. And no, I've never thought of this new version of Godzilla to be fat either. I'll be looking forward for the sequel, since they're planning for a trilogy for this movie.

Till next read! :3

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