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I first encountered Too Cool For School during the BDJ Tres Chic Event last March. I honestly have no idea who they are or what they specialize in. During the event, they were giving out free samples of their BB creams and Pumpkin Face Mask. Me, being the curious little lass that I am, took a few samples. But it took almost a month before I decided to give their BB Cream a try. And my, my, I'm glad that I really did took a sampler of their item.

I initially wasn't expecting to like their BB Cream since upon seeing the cream itself, it looked a bit dark on my skin. But upon application, it had blended perfectly in my face. And I love that it has an SPF 37 PA++.

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This, of course, caught my attention. I wanted to try out more of their products, so I did my own research about them over the net.

Too Cool For School is a Korean brand which was established during September 2009 by Todacosa Co., Ltd., a major cosmetic distributor in Korea. Within a span of less than a year, they started opening branches internationally. Last April 10, 2013, they opened their flagship store in the Philippines at SM Mall of Asia. They opened their second and third branch at SM North Edsa and Sm BF Paranaque within the same year.

TCFS likes to combine practicality and playful aesthetics. They're attempting to introduce new concepts of a beauty and lifestyle brand by allowing people to meet contemporary artists' designs in their stores and products. Basically, they just want their consumers to have fun!

"As such, Too Cool For School is a beauty & lifestyle brand for the new generation. The name itself is also unique, when you hear the word “school”, what first comes to mind is an institution where students learn. But the word is rooted from the meaning, “a group of fish”. In that regard, Too Cool For School is the coolest among the group; being differentiated and unique. Too Cool for School customers are the “dolphins among the guppies.”"
- description taken from TCFS-Philippines.

They currently have these characters that represent their store (the Dinoplatz, by the way, are my favorite of the bunch): 

  • Joey - Boyish girl who enjoys music and traveling, A smart lady who dreams to become a photographer and catches freedom she feels while traveling in the frame of camera. Be charmed by effortless chic Joey!
  • Sienna A lovely girl with a great interest in love and the world, She, who loves shopping and parties but also cherishes taking time alone, constantly encounters sweet incidents Aren’t you interested in this starry eye girl’s story?
  • Emma - Pure as a child and free artist, She dreams to become a storyteller who tells happy stories to people. She is engrossed in books movies but her playful bohemian style is loved by everyone
  • Max - A cat who lives with Sienna and with a lot of secrets, She is always worried about Sienna who is full of curiosity but is getting to resemble her. What is blunt but sensible Max’s secret dream?
  • Illust by Anke Weckman - ILLUST BY Anke Weckman, A popular illustrator with multinational sense was born in Germany and grew up in London, and currently works in London and New York.Sienna, Emma, Joey and Max created by Anke are the main stars of Too Cool For School

They also have a lot of cosmetic series within their store like The Glam Rock, Dinoplatz, and The Mcgirly line.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to drop by their first store at SM Mall of Asia just last month.

Situated at the second floor near the Cinema, Too Cool for School has an interesting boutique which looks like a laboratory. Honestly, during the time that I didn't know about them, I initially thought that this store was an art shop.

They've got bottles and doll heads and hands and other laboratory pieces as a part of their quirky decoration.

Different products are placed in huge, open briefcases (really creative stuff). One of the things I love about TCFS is that they always have at least 2 sizes available for most of their products, either that or they have sachets or sampler sizes. For a person who's a bit anxious in trying out beauty items and skincare, these sizes can come in pretty handy! They can be used either for trying out the item or for travel.

The Glam Rock series is a set of make-up that brings that rocker diva in you. I've already bought the Extreme Color Eye Liner in Blue.

Their Takkoza line specializes in make-up removers, liquids, creams, etc.

Cool packaging for their cream blushes, lippies and eyeshadows. Artclass, meanwhile, focuses on cosmetics which looks like Art supplies.

And last but not the least, the Dinoplatz series! Dinoplatz are dinosaurs living in the modern world. Now that's one totally unique but cute concept.

Personal hauls from TCFS with freebies!

And of course, I couldn't leave their store without buying anything. Two of the things that I was planning to buy were already sold out (The Egg Mousse Pack and After School BB Foundation Lunch Box). Instead, I got the Glam Rock liner in blue, Dinoplatz blotting paper and Mcgirly Smoothing Pack. One thing that I've also noticed with TCFS is, whenever you've made a purchase, they'll make it a point to give you a sampler ( whatever sample is currently available) of any of their products. That day, I got their Rules of Skincare Pore minimizing Serum and Dual Primer.

Too Cool For School is not your usual beauty and skincare store that offers the usual. They have a way of making a name on their own thru their products. Practical combination is one of their specialty. (e.g. BB Cream that comes with a highlighter and concealer!). The cool image and packaging is also a plus for most consumers, they're not the usual floral with pink types. Others might find their prices a bit higher than most Korean brands but this one gives a bang for your buck.  

I'll definitely try their other items soon. Will you? :3

Don't forget to check out their Site for more news!

Too Cool For School PHILIPPINES - Facebook
Too Cool For School Official Site

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