RANDOM MUSINGS: Beautiful Stranger

Life, as we know it, can be a drag. You can either be happy for a minute and then sad after another. Everything can be at the top but suddenly would come crashing down. The sad truth is that, in life you can't really be too sure of anything unless you do something about it.

The road that we sometimes walk thru can be very dark and twisted. And gloomy. And cold. And we tend to get lost in it. But somehow, despite these hurdles, we always survive the depths of those dark moments. The result only differs on how we've handled everything.

Now what exactly have I been doing for the passed few months that I've been gone from the blog-sphere? I've actually decided to do things my way with some parts of my life. It wasn't really easy, doing decisions on your own without being so sure just how the setbacks would be like. During those times, I ended a contract with a company. I've already thought that this decision was actually years too late. But I did it now. And I wanted to start anew. But first, I wanted to rest. I needed some breathing space.

I took advantage of the time. I slept till my eyes were sore and my back would ache. I'd wake up just to eat and watch a movie or a series and then I slept again. It was a daily routine for me and I really loved it at that moment. I've been working for more than 6 years non-stop and I do believe a month-long rest was more than enough.  Of course, I did my fair share of supporting my organization while I was (literally) a bum. And I couldn't resist going to those free make-up and beauty workshops when I had the chance. All in all, I was enjoying those days a lot.

But I had to face reality, the cold, hard truth that I needed to work again. I had to since I needed a source of greens for my necessities, my hobbies, other needs and wants. And it was hard. I literally felt like I was a fresh grad, but with an edge. Nonetheless, it wasn't easy. But I never lost hope. I knew that at the end of the day, there really will be a job for me. And eventually, I found that. I was accepted. And I was really happy. A job from a company that I'd never thought I'd work with.

Everything was new. The environment was new, the needed work was new. New friends, new rules. Even the motivation that I need, they're actually giving it. A new chance in life. It was probably meant for me. Or probably not. But, regardless, I need to do my best. It was change. And I need to show the world that I can adapt to change if I needed to do so. I can be a different person, hopefully for the best and not for the worst.

It's a reflection that I see. A reflection of my old career and my new one. Life will start anew and I will again be in the driver's seat.

So I went on a short vacation before I decided to face a new challenge in my life. It's not really much. But the feeling of not being able to control the situation that you're currently facing can really make you feel anxious. And very excited. And just way better than how things were before. I'm actually excited to spend more time with my friends now that I'm located in a more accessible area.

But, can I do this? Can I handle the upcoming stress and pressure? Can I sacrifice things just for this newly found challenge? We'll see. But here's one thing that I can say: 'I'm Ready.'

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